Timeline for Project 3

11/5: Begin Story Board & Save Sources

Weekend: Perfect Story Board

11/10: Story Board 

11/11: Begin Timeline on Tiki-Toki

Weekend: continue working on timeline/wedding

11/17: Sign up for presentation 

11/18: Finish text-portion of time line/ start gathering pictures

11/19: Peer Reviews 

11/20: Add pictures on to timeline/heed comments from classmates

11/21: Work from home selfie (probably in the car)

Upon return from break: perfect timeline/glitches/write massive psychology research paper

12/5 or 12/8: In class Presentation 

Today in class I wrote a timeline for project 3.  I tried to keep in mind my other academic and personal commitments (my mother-in-law’s wedding which is 7 hours away).  I chose to not force myself to have pictures by the time peer-reviews rolls around because I wanted to keep some of it a surprise.  I also did not want to put too much on my plate which would cause excessive crying and sleeping due to stress.  But who knows, I may get more done in a shorter amount of time!

I am probably going to hand-write my story story board because that is how I pre-write all of my papers and projects. Just something about getting it all down on an actual piece of paper puts my mind at ease and thankfully, I’m not prone to losing things.

As per my timeline, here are the sources I’ll be using:



last, but not least, the super awesome Lifetime Movie adaptation