Project 3 Timeline

What I’ve done

So far for my project I have decided that I am going to make a short video. If I run into problems with that, then I will go back to using screen shots with captions. I have done my best to find the different clips from the film that I want to use. Today I am going to make a timeline of events that I want to complete for this project.

Why I’ve done it

I really wanted to make a video because I know that it will challenge me. I have never bad a video or done anything with video editing. I wanted to learn a new skill.


  • M, 11/10: complete research and find the video clips that I want to use
  • M, 11/17: (won’t be in class) But I will start to put together all of my clips in the order that I want
  • W, 11/19: Go to innovation space ad start putting the clips together
  • F, 11/21: Work on the video again and try to finalize
  • W, F, M, W, 12/3–12/10: present my final product
  • W, 12/10: change anything that needs to be changed before turning it in