Blog Posts for October 27, 2014

Write a blog post that informally proposes the story you will focus on for your remix, or in the language of Chapter 3 of Writer/Designer, “the what” you will focus on. Include the following information:

  • Tell us the story you have chosen.
  • Explain what portion of the story, if relevant.
  • Give us the bibliographic citations and/or links to at least three sources that you will use as you work on your project. You can use any bibliographic format you like, but be sure there’s enough information for me to confirm the sources.

Today in class we started working on Project 3.  I arrived a few minutes late, due to another teacher’s conflicting office hours.  I arrived just in time to hear about the importance of attendance and timelines important for Project 3.

The “What”

Tortoise and the Hare

 The Relevance 

I would like to apply the story to the journey to success for two individuals. The first stays in school for a number of years getting a variety of degrees and the latter character gets a job immediately after graduation.

The Sources

  1. “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost –