Interface Presentation: SoundCloud

Today we had presentations in class about the different interfaces people interrogated. They went through what each did and how they were good or bad for using. All of the presentations were good and I learned a lot about different websites and how they could be used. There were some that I would use more than others obviously, but they all had their pluses and minuses.

For me, the most interesting and one I would use the most was SoundCloud. I love music and I love finding/sharing music even more. This is a great website for all of this. As Tinny said in his presentation you can search a wide variety of music and and even upload any you want. I thought the best feature was that it makes suggestions to you based on what you have already listened to. This is great for finding new music. The overall interface looked easy to navigate as well, which is always important as well. SoundCloud is definitely a website that I could see myself using in the future.