Project 2 Peer Review

What I Did

Today I reviewed a few of my classmates’ Project 2 drafts. I learned about a few websites and also picked up some tips on how I might make my project better. I have only worked on the Writer/Designer Analysis Questions and my PowerPoint Presentation, so I chose to review projects that had work completed on their web essays. I found that using screenshots on the blog page can really help the user get a better understanding of how the website works and what the author is trying to explain to the reader. Also, I saw that Tinny used a screen capture program to take a video of himself interacting with his designated website. I thought that this was an excellent feature because he was able to accomplish 50 screenshots worth of information in 30 seconds.

Why I Did It

I reviewed the projects that I did because I wanted to see how my classmates’ were going about their web essays. I have completed my Writer/Designer Analysis page and my PowerPoint presentation and feel confident about both, and wanted some direction on my web essay. I also looked for sites that dealt with forms of media because my site, PopcornMaker, is designed to produce videos that incorporate multiple types of media into one finished project.

What I Have Left to Do

I have completed my Writer/Designer Analysis Page and my PowerPoint Presentation, so the next biggest task I have to complete is my web essay. I have taken around 20 screenshots and have already gathered information in my analysis, so I think that writing the web essay will be fairly easy as I have completed most of the work already. I will have to just take my analysis and put into essay form and choose the appropriate screenshots to accompany my analysis. I also have to make index cards and rehearse my presentation, but I am very happy with how my presentation turned out and think that this will also be a straightforward process.