In Class, Doing Work

It’s always nice to return to class and actually get stuff done.

What I Did

I had my in-progress project peer reviewed today. While there wasn’t much for anyone to see, it was nice just to have it up, and, well, seen. Also, I finally posted all the pages. Even though two of them are completely empty, they’re UP. And that is quite an accomplishment. It isn’t really, but I’d like to think it is. I also added pictures to the from page of the project, yay. I really like screen shots. They’re just so useful.

Why I Did It

I’m really just filling in blanks here. Things happen because they need to.

What I Still Have To Do

Lots. So much. Gosh. Almost an entire presentation, the majority of a web essay. What else? Everything….

I’m a little over-dramatic today. I must just be so happy to be back in class. happy face