Class Happenings 10/8/14

What I Did

I spent last night working on my web essay. I discussed my initial thoughts about the site, getting started on a project,and adding data. I added screenshots of the site throughout.

Why I Did It

I spent all of my class time (and about an hour outside of class) working on my infogram project, so I hadn’t had any time to even start my web essay or presentation. I wanted to give a walk through of the design process with the site and then add separate pages for affordances and constraints, but my blog isn’t letting me add the subpages, so we’ll see. I added screenshots for clarity.

What I Still Need to Do

Obviously, I still need to build a presentation. I also need to finish my overview and give my affordances and constraints in my web essay. I also need to figure out why my wordpress won’t let me add secondary pages, because that’s a huge problem. Finally, I want to add a link to the document I created with infogram, but the code for it that I got from the site is not working for some reason.