Working on Project 2

What I did

Today I worked heavily on project 2 and interrogating an interface. I am tasked with interrogating Prezi, I am looking at it for many different things, from what it is and what it can do, to what sets it a part from competitors. I started by answering all the questions on the Writer/Designer Analysis page. This has helped me lay everything out and see what I need to answer. I have been moving right along and I am about half way done with this, and once I finish that I will move on to making the presentation part as well as putting it on my blog. This is still a rough draft that needs work.

Why I did it

I started by doing this because I wanted to lay everything out before I just started doing things that I may not be sure of. Filling out these questions makes it easier for me to see what I need to answer and what I need to cover on my project. Over the next day or two I will continue and finish answering these questions so that I can start on the final product.