Today was another workshop day for Project 2- Interrogate an Interface. After being sick all last week, I have some serious catching up to do. See below how I tried to help get back ahead.

What I Did

I added a Table of Contents navigation system, continued working on the Writer Designer questions, starting writing an overview of Pixlr, and began taking the screenshots that will supplement my text.

Why I Did It

I used a Table of Contents navigation system because I like to have all the options at top. I wanted to create a custom menu, but my theme only supports one menu so this was as close as I could get. The writer designer questions are necessary to write my text, so I continued to fill those out. I’ll finish them later today so I can really get started. I began a rough outline of the overview, but won’t finish that until the questions are complete. Im trying to take the screenshots as I go, so I don’t forget or can’t find the right image later on in the process.