What I Did and Why: October 6th

What I Did:

Today I worked a lot on my powerpoint presentation for Project 2. I cropped all of my screenshots and started adding them to my slides in order of relevance. I also edited my Writer/Designer Analysis questions and created a word document to write all of the information I’ve collected thus far in a paragraph form. So basically, I’ve laid all the groundwork for the project and am now staring to flesh it out.

Why I Did it:

I wanted to do my analysis questions first so I would pretty much have all the information gathered. From there, it’s all a matter of collecting the screenshots I need and putting the information into a powerpoint and paragraph from. I also wanted to lay the groundwork for everything I need to do for the project first so that it isn’t so overwhelming doing each step at once, but rather collecting and filling in information as I come to it along the way.