beginnings of my web essay

What I did

Today, I focused on starting my web essay. To start, I made subpages on my blog for each section of my project. I made pages for First Impressions, Interrogate the Basics, Affordances, Constraints, and My Slipp. After deciding on the organization of my web essay, I started arranging my thoughts and filling out each page. Rather than writing out every thought in full sentence form, I made brief bullet points that I will expand upon later. Today I also worked on the Slipp that I am creating. Finally, I made the basic frame for my presentation on Google Docs.

Why I did it

After exploring Slipp over the past few days, I now feel comfortable arranging my thoughts into a web essay. I wanted to make my subpages first because that is the best way for me to arrange my thoughts. Now that I have these subpages, I can work on filling each page out and organizing my thoughts. I also prefer working with bullet points first because it allows my to get my thoughts arranged before expounding on each point more thoroughly in the final web essay. I use bullet points to organize my ideas then write them out once I have finished brainstorming and organizing. I worked on my Slipp to find the affordances and constraints of the tool. I started my presentation to get my ideas organized.