The application that I decided to use as the subject of my second project is Storify. This application is a great journalistic tool. Storify lets you gather social media posts from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. to help tell a story. Users can drag and drop posts from any of these social media sites, as well as insert their own text into the story. A great feature of this application is that users can edit their stories even after they have already been published. This allows users to keep their stories as up-to-date as possible. Published stories from Storify are also very easy to share with the public. Stories can be shared via Twitter or Facebook, but they can also be easily embedded into a site such as WordPress.

Storify will be an interesting application to research. I decided to make this application  the subject of my second project because I feel that I could use it to tell an interesting story in a professional and interactive manner. It’s also a very common tool used by various journalistic sources.