Picking a Mode for Project 2

For Project 2, I choose Masher. This was not my first choice (which was Soundcloud), but it was one of my back-up choices. I decided on this site because it sparked my interest through promoting itself as a video/photo/music editor, because one of my hobbies is creating and editing video content for a YouTube channel I manage. It seems to be a fairly straightforward tool with possibly more options than, let’s say, Microsoft Movie maker, but not as in depth and experience-requiring Adobe Premiere Elements 8 or 9 (which takes instruction and time to learn all the tools and capabilities in addition to the large amount of data processing capabilities and memory your machine needs to be able to run the full suite). So, hopefully, this Masher will be a decent editor!

Completely Unrelated to this post, Meme of the Day:

wrong side of the river

(this is a reference to the film, “The Mummy”)