Project 2 Begins…

Today in class we picked out our multimodal websource for our next project.  Thankfully, I got to class on time so that I could get my first (and only) choice: Creativist. Creativisit is a website that allows even the most technologically stupid people (me) to create a story in one of many fashions.  One of the examples the website gives is a story that evolves in timeline form.  That gave me an idea for our third project which I won’t give away just yet ;)

I don’t know much about it yet, but I did have time to sign up and do some preliminary research.  I know I will be able to succeed in this project because the Creativist help page is awesome, and actually helpful! I also was able to look at some of the examples and the already-published stories really impressed me.  It made powerpoint look like child’s play while still giving some structure to the project.  It did not give me motion-sickness like Prezi so that’s always a plus too.

More to come with research!