Assignment #2

Today, I chose Piktochart as my focus for Assignment #2. I knew I wanted to choose a resource that dealt with infographics, because I enjoy creating them in my free time. However, I typically use programs like InDesign and Photoshop to create these visuals. But, I wanted to see if there was a tool that I could use when I needed to make infographics quickly and easily–and to also refer to my friends who may not have the skills or access to programs like the ones I normally use. There were many options to choose from, such as or Infogram or Pikochart. I chose the last option because it felt the closest to the visuals I normally make and had a very accessible feel to the website. It has a similar function to it, where you can just drag and click shapes, much like InDesign does. I hope I can learn more and practice with it, so I can help others when they want to create fun infographics.