Blog Post for September 22, 2014

Today we officially started Project 2.  At the beginning of class, we raced to pick our topics from a list of suggested applications.  After sorting through the sample of applications, I decided to focus my attention on Piktochart, PicMonkey, or Visme.  When Piktochart was chosen, I decided to select Visme as my topic for this project.

Visme is a application that combines information, graphs, and artwork to convey content to an audience.  Visme can create content in a variety of manners specifically focusing on presentation, infographs, animations, and banners.  I was drawn to the multiple applications that this product provides.  The introduction video, shows the versatility of the site and provides an array of creative ideas for sharing content.  I appreciate that Visme acknowledges there are several ways to address and engage with an audience to share content with them.

I’m sure I will be writing more about the platform, but check it out at