adding the finishing touches

What I did

In the final stages of making my site, I made a few changes and added a few features. First, I made the headings in my blog posts and on my site information page larger.

For my final site, I wanted to add something extra to take my blog to the next level. I had a few ideas to add to my about page but in the end, I decided on two additional pages within my about page. I added a travel page with pictures I’ve taken at some of┬áthe favorite places I’ve been and a short description. On the menu, I put the travel page as a drop down menu under the about page. I also added a link to the travel page within the content on the about page.

The other page I added is a list of all of the books I’ve read this year. Within the bookworm page, I added a link to my Goodreads profile for those who were interested. I also put this page as a subheading under the about page and included a link to the page within the about page.

Why I did it

I made the headings a larger size because I wanted them to stand out more. Making the headings larger makes the pages more visually pleasing.

I added the additional travel and bookworm pages because I wanted to add something more to my site. I also wanted to make the site more personal, and these two pages help to show more of who I am. I added the travel page because I love to travel, as I mentioned in my about section. Adding this page with the pictures gives insight into where I’ve been and some of my favorite places I’ve traveled to.

I added the bookworm section because I feel that it is a somewhat unique part of who I am, and I wanted to share to add some personalization. I also love seeing the visual representation of all of the books I’ve read this year with all of the different covers. I wanted to incorporate my Goodreads profile into my site in some form. Originally, I had the Goodreads widget, but I felt that it was out of place when it appeared on every page. For these reasons, I decided to just include a link to it for those who would be interested within my bookworm page.

I added these pages to the menu as subheadings to the about page because it made sense to place them there logically. They would have been out of place elsewhere. I added the links within my about page for easier usability and more convenience.