Refining my Blog

What I did

Today was just about refining my blog. I didn’t do a whole lot, but I did add and delete some things here and there. I started off by adding a few more pictures to my “About me” page. These are photos that represents me and give a little more insight into who I am as a person and what I enjoy. I then deleted one of my widgets. I deleted the map widget because it wasn’t adding anything to my blog. It was just visually appealing but other than that it wasn’t adding to anything. I then went through all my pages and looked over everything, the biggest thing I changed there were the paragraphs and the length of them. I didn’t realize it before, but some of my paragraphs were really long blocks of text. I created smaller paragraphs that were easier to read.

Why I did it

There reason I added more pictures to my “About me” page was because I wanted to create more visuals for the reader. Everyone likes to look at pictures, they tell you more about a person than just blocks of text. This lets you see who I am outside the classroom. I then deleted the map widget because it wasn’t adding anything to my blog. At first I thought it was informative, but after looking it over it wasn’t really adding much of anything. And for that reason I deleted it. I only want widgets and other visuals on my blog that will add to its appearanceĀ and not take away from it. Lastly, I broke up the blocks of text that I felt were very long for the reason that they were too long. Seeing a large block of text puts off a reader and no one will read it. So for that reason alone I broke them up and they are not easier to read.