Blog Post for September 12, 2014

Today in class we worked on finishing our blogs for project 1.  I challenged myself to find a way to add all 5 modes to my sight.  I am struggling to add both aural and gestural.  If you have any ideas, let me know!

What I Did:

I updated my About Me page and my Site Information page.  I made the headings of my posts uniform, and introduced the bold section headings.

Why I Did It:

I updated my About Me page to add interest and visuals.  I added a picture as well as personal information. I updated the section headings and experimented with headings.

What I Need to Do: 

I still need to add a SHH page or video to my About Me page.  Change the headings on my About Me page so that the pictures are spatially and ascetically more pleasing.  I need to remove the term Posts from the menu.  On the Site Information, I need to link to the related post where I explained the decisions I made.