9/10/14 Class Happenings

What I Did
I peer-reviewed two blogs. I provided suggestions about content and layout. I read comments about my blog and decided what needed to be fixed. I revised a table on my supplementary page. I also plan to add more pictures to my About Me page.

Why I Did It
I peer-reviewed to help my classmates. I worked on my table before posting my link because I had to force quit Firefox in the middle of working on it earlier in the week, and that messed up some of my code. After reading the replies to my post, I made the table headings bigger and maroon to make them stand out, and I added a 1-point border to make the table more readable (there are lots of blank spaces for future football scores, games where the band doesn’t march, etc). I plan to add more pictures to my About Me page because my blog gives me zero creative control with my header in terms of images and font choices, so I should add pictures where I can in order to give the blog a personal feel.