Taking Criticism

What I Did

Since our class on Monday, I added two more pages to the mix; the project pages. There is one for project 2, Interrogate and Interface, and one for project 3. I also reviewed the information that I received from fellow classmates and tried to take it into consideration.

Why I Did It

I added these pages as part of the web portal project guidelines. I think that adding more pages also adds depth to my site. The user now has more to explore. One of my classmates noted that I have a repetitive button on my page. She said that both the “Home” link and the title of my page both bring the user back to the home page. I considered removing the “Home” buttom because of this, but then decided not to because some users may not think to use the title of the site as a button. I think having a link that declares that it will take you home is important for usability of the site; it’s simple and common. 


My next task is to look into adding some type of anchor at the bottom of the page. If I cannot add an anchor link, I would like to be able to add a menu that serves as an anchor. I just want the user to be able to navigate the page without too much hassle, and as I add blog posts, it will only get longer, so the scrolling will take more time. When it comes to my design, I think I have come to a happy place. I really like my color scheme and my photo. I think that since I have a static header photo, I will look into adding more photos to my actual posts in the future for more visual effect. I also want to add more modes of communication so I am trying to find ways to do that.