The Multimodal Dig: Belated

Yes, I’m a few days late, but I’m actually more capable of doing this dig now than I would have been on Friday, since I bring NOTHING with me on Fridays.

The List

Comm Law textbook (L, limited V)

Planner (S, L)

Random Folder from a random event (L, V, S)

Ipod Touch (V, S, A)

Laptop! (V, S, A)

Phone (Which is NOT a smartphone) (A, L, G)

I saw someone include their ring, so I’m going to copy that. My class ring (V)

Backpack (V, S)


I admit that I did this very quickly, but I can’t say that I found anything that used all five modes. However, all five modes are represented in my and around my backpack, which is the quintessential symbol of the student, which, when I’m here at school, is all I really am. Or at least, all I really try to be.