Blog Post for September 8, 2014

Today I spend a good amount of time editing and updating my blog to set a solid foundation for my blog.

What I Did:

The biggest change I made today was switching my theme from Goram to Superhero. I reconfigured and rewrote my about page after looking at the examples provided in the daily class notes.  I added several pages including a site information page and a projects page.  Since my class has not started working on the various projects due throughout the semester, I nested projects 2,3, and 4 so they appear in a drop down menu when Projects is selected.  I looked through the widgets available and selected several.

Why I Did It:

I switched because they both has similar simplistic ideals that accompany their clean appearance, but Superhero provides a wider array of opportunities to customize the blog.  I nested the project pages after seeing the idea when I was demoing the Superhero theme.  I was frustrated that a blank page appeared when the parent page was selected.  With some help I found a way to customize my menu by creating a custom heading labeled projects and deleted the black page that was acting as a placeholder.  I decided to select several more widgets than I anticipated, I chose Archive, Top Rated, and Calendar.  I plan to delete two in the near future after deciding which post organization widget is the most beneficial.


The Superhero template theme allows for different headings to be used, featured posts to be highlighted, and some pages to appear without the widget sidebar.