Multimodal Dig

Multimodal Texts:
Coppertone sunscreen (L, V)
Plague Inc (L, V, A)
Facebook (L, V, A)
Evernote (L, V, S)
Smash Hit (L, V, A)
MyMazda (L, V)
Nook (L, V)
Gmail (L, V)
Starbucks (L, V)
Flashlight (V, G)
BofA (V)
VT Transit (V)

IMG_27391 IMG_51271



While none of my texts use all the forms of communication it’s easy to see that it is a bit unusual to find a multimodal text that exists sans linguistic elements. The ones that I have are the applications on my phone that in an effort to remain simple and accessible have forgone text. The vast majority of my multimodal sources come from applications on a tablet and my phone. Everything I’ve found has been made in the last few years. The apps that are furthest from each other would be Facebook in all its various aspects and the flashlight application which was made as basic as possible (except for the added compass function).