Day 3: Multimedia Scavenger Hunt

Here you can find all my multimodal items on from my backpack.

The range of items found in my backpack and stolen from my friend next to me.

1. VT Odyssey newspaper – V, L, S, G
2. Maybelline Mascara –  V, L, S
3. Twitter App – V, L, S, G, A
4. Gamma Phi Beta Notepad – V, L, S
5. Planner – V, L, S
6. Class of 2016 Pen – V, L, S
7. PCI Communications Thumb-drive – V, L, S
8. Nationals Tickers – V, L, S
9. Hokie Passport – V, L, S, G
10. Career Services Waterbottle – V, L, S
11. Homework packet – L, S
12. Raybans Packet –  V, L, S

The only item on my person that crosses all five modes of multimodal is on my phone. Because it is so modern, such as a Twitter app, it can touch all modes because it offers, visuals, texts, videos, profile pictures, and endless multimedia elements. The hardest ones to find are aural and gestural, because the rest of my items are less “modern”. They aren’t electronic, so their modes are much more limited.

What I found interested is how the most mundane items from my backpack are multimodal. I thought finding 12 items would be difficult, but it turned out to be a lot easier than expected.