next steps

What I did

Today, I focused on refining my site and adding more to my site. First, I updated by About page. I added a picture of myself and wrote a little information about me and the purpose of my website. I formatted the About page then added it to my website. Next, I added a few widgets to my sidebar and footer. I added a search bar, links to my recent posts, and button to allow people to follow my blog. I then added three more pages to my blog for future use. I added a page for each of the projects we will complete in the course and I added a site information page. I haven’t yet updated these pages, but at least now I have them and can easily update them later. Finally, I added quick links to my all of my pages in the footer.

Why I did it

I wanted to update my blog and add more aspects to my site because after last class, my site was bare and simple. I updated my About page to add a face and some background information about me to my site. A little introduction can add a little personalization to a website. I added my widgets for easy navigation around my site. I might add more widgets if I see the need for them in the future. I added the rest of my pages in order to save some time later when I am adding in the portfolio aspect to my site.