Acting Upon Decisions

What I Did
Although the appearance of my blog looks the same as it did on Monday, I have spent a great deal of time working on my site by searching all WordPress has to offer. Because of the abundant themes, color schemes, and widgets available, I have been looking at and playing around with all of the options before officially making changes to my site. Specifically, I have looked at the themes and the widgets they offer to decide what overall theme will encompass the content I want to include on my blog. I have also been gathering items for a new background image on my homepage and contemplating whether I even want that kind of picture as my background image.

I will spend the rest of the week and the weekend acting upon these decisions. I will have a definite theme, color scheme, background image, additional images, and pages with content by next Monday.

Why I Did It
I have spent so much time searching the possibilities of WordPress before making any final decisions simply because I want to have a full understanding of all of my options. I really want this site to reflect who I am as a person and I don’t want to regret any decisions that I made later in the semester.

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