Day II

What I Did

Today I added a category for my daily posts that we publish during class and called it “response of the day.” I also went ahead and uploaded a header image, which is now a background to the text title I aligned on the left side on the image. I added three widgets: recent posts, follow blog, and a search bar.

Why I Did It

I figured when I go back to write my reflection memo, I can go back and pull up all the information in this category and view it all at once. I chose to use a header image because I think it looks great within the white space of the website and is related to the visual mode of communication. I enjoyed the image so much that I off-centered the title, just so there was more focus on the image. I added the three widgets just to find out where they were located. I was confused because when I added them they were not in the usual spots. When you go to click the top right icon on the website, a drop down menu comes down with pages and the widgets all in one place which I really like.