Customizing Web Portals

What I Did

Today I made some small changes that created a big impact on my site. I changed the title of my blog from my username (joelyon18) to “Joe Lyon’s Blog.” I also changed the theme of my blog and added a background image. I changed the theme to a simpler style that was not as distracting. My previous site did not have a background image, besides the default color scheme, so I found an image online to add. I found a picture of a Navy carrier and made it my background

Why I Did It

I changed the title of my blog to give the site a more personal feel. Using my name was an obvious choice over using my username. It makes the site feel more finished. I chose to change my theme because there were features that I did not use on the old theme. It looked a little too cluttered, and this new theme is simpler. I added a picture of a carrier because I felt that it complemented my header picture well, but the background is mostly the sea. This prevents the background image from being too distracting, but its presence is a nice touch. It is still clear what the hidden image is, but it is not the focus of my site.