Blog Post for September 3, 2014

Since the last time that class met, I have made a few adjustments to my Word Press blog.

What I Did:

I have added my first static page, since we last met.   I experimented more with appearances and added a header image to the page.  In order to allow users to access the page I created, I added a menu with a link to the new page.  Next I added another link to help users get back to the home screen.

Why I Did It:

After learning in class the difference between static pages and journal post, I decided to experiment with a page.  I added an “About Me” page because the information I wanted to share is not as timely as a blog entry.  The menu tabs link to my new page and back to the home screen, to allow the customers to navigate more easily.  When I first added the home button, I experienced an issue because the URL link I wrote was incorrect, thankfully it was easy to fix.