What is HTML?

Hello friends, welcome to my blog! 

Last semester we had to keep and update a blog and I really hated it.  But after a summer of maturity, I have realized the use of keeping such a journal.  Today in class we set up a wordpress blog. Thankfully, I already had one but that does make writing this post a wee bit harder.  


What I did…Why I did it [last semester]:

I chose a simple theme, not because I’m a simple person, but because when I look at a text, I usually just look for…the text.  Crazy, right? Since I am not one for Kindles and books with all kinds of pictures, I want my audience to be able to get to where they need to go quickly and effectively.  Yellow is a color that makes me happy because that is my mom’s favorite color and she is my favorite.  The picture captures two of my most loved pastimes: walking around at Christmas time and spending quality time with my dear fiance. I chose this because I pretty much live for those things and this class actually makes me quite sad.  No, not because of you all, but simply because I am really not good at this computer stuff.  Since I’m nervous, I need some reminders of why I pretty much wake up every day.  I don’t mean for that to sound morbid, but technology just makes me really anxious. I was never good at languages in high school (though I know four of them) and computer language appears no different.  Hopefully at the end of this semester I will be able to fully answer my own age-old question: what is HTML?  

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