Blog Post September 1, 2014

Hello and welcome to my WordPress blog.  Though this is my first WordPress site, I have created sites through and  I envision this blog similar to a portfolio where I will be storing my work throughout this semester.


What I Did:

I started my blog today, by picking a web address.  Today I created my blog and made a number of important decisions.  First, I decided on a web address based on the user ID that I commonly use, sarahfy.  Second, I titled my blog and choose a theme to support my simplistic mentality for this blog.

Why I Did It:

The decisions I made today are important because they are setting the foundation of my blog.   Thankfully, WordPress makes it easy for me to change the title, theme, and even web address if I think of a better idea in the future.  To start, I choose my web address because my original idea of my first and last name was already taken.  Second, my blog title is simple, so that I don’t distract from the content.  I have not thought of a creative tag line yet, and will add one once I think of one.  Finally, my theme is simple with a background of natural colors.  I love the natural colors of the outdoors and how they contrast reader’s experience reading my blog on their computer.