Blog for 9/1/14

What I did

Today, I created my blog. I chose the name steph14vt for my blog. My tagline is “Hokie. Band Geek. Foodie. Grammar Nazi. Crafter.” I used the Quintus theme, which has a striped maroon border and simple neutrals where the text goes. I hope to add pictures soon. I chose some that I want to use, but they’ll need to be resized first.

Why I did it

I chose the name steph14vt because that’s my url and the site suggested using it. Honestly, I didn’t know what else to call it. My tagline functions as a simple description that communicates a few things about me without getting too verbose. I like Quintus because the background will match the pictures I plan to use (I’m a Marching Virginian, and we have a big maroon stripe on our uniforms), and the neutral colors are simple, which means they won’t distract the reader from my content. I also like the column layout, because my posts are reasonably separate from all of the hyperlinks. It seems user friendly.