Video Field Day Proves to be Learning Experience

Video Field Day took place at Virginia Tech’s Moss Arts Center on Monday, February 9, 2014. The event was held for students in Professor Derley Aguilar’s Advanced Multimedia Reporting class.

Students were assigned to either the Orange or Maroon team. There were three events scheduled for each team to compete in, as well as a fourth event that would incorporate both teams.


Professor Derley Aguilar and the Orange team look on as the Maroon team competes.

There were a few of exceptional performers that stood out on Video Field Day. The event’s most outstanding player had to be Patrick. He finished first in the second, third and fourth events, giving him the most wins on the day. His performance may go down as one of the greatest of all time.

“I can’t say I didn’t earn it,” said Patrick. “I trained really hard.”

Macy Kinder of the Orange team also had a great day. Kinder took first place in both the first and third events, as well as put on a clinic in the final event of the day when she finished second in the over-under cord-wrapping event.

Another solid performer for the Orange team was Danny Nokes. Nokes placed second in the first event and first in the second event. He decided to sit out the final event of the day due to an injury. The details of his injury have yet to be released.

Other students struggled on Video Field Day.

The lone disqualification came in the Orange team’s third event when Morgan Conklin accidentally touched her camera as it was being inspected by Professor Aguilar.

Ricky LaBlue and Davis were unable to find their chemistry throughout the event.

“It was the little things that hurt us today,” said LaBlue. “There’s no yin and yang relationship between us at all.”

Davis was able to place second in the first event for the Maroon team.

Although there were both winners and losers on this year’s Video Field Day, the event was a great learning experience for all the students. Professor Aguilar stressed the importance of paying attention to detail and efficiency when reporting in the field.

One can certainly expect that all of the students that took part in Video Field Day will improve with a camera as the semester rolls along.