Remix a Story: Post Thanksgiving Break Update [12/01]

What I Did:

Lots of filming done over break! The weather was windy but we worked with it and some of the shots really turned out great. Production was a success.

- Bought a new pair of shoes for the cast member on Black Friday

- Filming at Royal Lake Park and Old Town Fairfax City in Fairfax, VA

Why I Did It:

I had a lot of work to do for my other classes so Thanksgiving break seemed like the idea time to focus on this project. And if you’re wondering why I bought a new pair of shoes for the cast member/shoe model, there was a Buy One Get the Second Free deal happening on Black Friday (it was technically free!). This worked out perfectly considering the shoe store where it was bought from was a small company that doesn’t carry any major shoe brands (that’s one way to avoid copyright issues, right?).

Also there was a six to ten foot anaconda warning at the park we filmed in, so this was the risk that was involved for the project! Haha!