Blog Post for December 3, 2014

Today I presented on Project 3.

My presentation was intended to give the class a brief understanding of the design considerations I made through out the production of my project.  Here is a brief summary of my presentation.

  • Topic Introduction – I remixed the children’s story A Very Hungry Catepillar bringing it to Virginia Tech and using Instagram to share the story.  To display my story I additionally used Visme.
  • Purpose and Idea – I wanted to use this project to show my affection for Virginia Tech.  My sister, who recently applied to Virginia Tech, absolutely fell in love with the hot chocolate at Deet’s when she visited.  I though this project would be a good way for me to reflect on my time at the school as a Senior.  I wanted to share a story about how Virginia Tech helps you to blossom and grow, while highlighting the campus’s renowned dining service.
  • Audience – I created an Instagram account @Very_Hungry_Hokie and encouraged my friends to follow.  The account is public and has gained followers interested in Virginia Tech and food.  Since I intended to reach my classmates as part of my audience, I didn’t want to restrict my project to just Instagram.  I brought the mobile app’s locations feature into a Prezi to share the Instagram account in a manner that reflects a story more clearly.  The prezi uses the gestural mode to move the audience’s attention from 1 picture to another.
  • Design – I followed the “mold” or convention that has been establish by Instagram.  Instagram has an established spatial layout with a square image or visual directly above a short line of text.
  • Rhetoric – For this project, I made conscious rhetorical choices.  I choose simple linguistic words, incorporated #hashtags, and @tags.  I consulted my younger sister for her advise on the “lingo” that encourages the most “likes.”
  • Challenges – I was challenged to tell a story with a limited amount of words.  Additionally, my collection of images for this project was limited by my meal plan constraints.
  • Achievements – When I first created the Instagram, I failed to tell a story.  My audience wasn’t making the connections between images that I hoped to relay.  I am satisfied with the presentation of my final project.
  • Changes – I think it would be interesting to make this story convey more meaning.  I think drawing a moral conclusion at the end about blossoming into a better person because of your experience at Virginia Tech could have been interesting.  I tried to incorporate different organization to get involved in with this project, but think I could expand upon that thought.  Going in a different direction, I think that it would be interesting to make the account I created become an account that share the Virginia Tech dining experience from all student’s perspectives (and not necessarily as a story.)

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