Baseball Situations

What I Did

In my last post, I mentioned that I was going to try and take as many clips from the same game as possible to try and avoid any sort of confusion for the audience when viewing the final project. Today, I was able to find a game in the Nationals schedule that will closely resemble the same situation depicted in “Casey at the Bat.” At the very least, I will be able to use clips from the bottom of the ninth inning, which is the most crucial part of the poem. I was able to mark the point in the broadcast that I will need to take the clip from. I’ve also begun working on the voiceovers.

Why I Did It

My goal is for the remix of the story to follow the story in the poem as closely as possible. I also want the audience to be able to understand what’s going on. The voiceovers will provide a more unique and “broadcast-like” feel to the story.