Revision Plan

Strengths: My design is definitely a strength, so I should make sure to keep most of the visual aspects. The only issue with design is that some parts may be a little bit too crowded, so I might try to work on spacing.

Rhetorically: I think I need to work on making my story go a little bit more in-depth, so that readers realize that it is a re-mix of Peter Pan, not just a play on words. This goes for all of the text.

My project is not online yet, but it will be soon. I want to add interactivity through new multimodal elements. This will be done through ThingLink, and I will add videos and other sites to add new dimension.

I think for the most part I have all of the still visuals and text in place, I just need to work on the interactivity, which can definitely be done within the time frame of the next due date.