Mock-Up for Project 3

Mock-Up Link

Click here to view the mock-up I created for my remixed magazine.

What I Did

I created the mock-up for my remixed magazine over the weekend using Google Drive. This mock-up includes an explanation page that discusses why I formatted the mock-up the way I did, as well as what page layouts the mock-up includes.

Since I decided that the magazine will be published by Belle from Beauty and the Beast, I also spent a lot of time this weekend brainstorming titles for the magazine that correspond to her particular story. Although I came up with a few cute ideas, I did not feel strongly enough about any of them to make a solid decision.

Why I Did It

I created an explanatory page for my mock-up not only to make reading and understanding my layout choices easier for the instructor, but also so that I know what my thought process was at the beginning of the project.  I know that the layouts that I designed on  my mock-up will change drastically as I actually begin to use InDesign to structure the body copy I write and images I find for the interviews, quizzes, advertisements, and public service announcements, and I wanted my mock-up to be a reference tool for my project when these drastic changes inevitably occur.

I began thinking of magazine titles because I really need to start designing my documents! The due date will be here before I know it, and I want to get started on my graphic design as soon as possible.