Blog Post for November 10, 2014

Mock StorySince my last blog post, I have begun collecting content and various images of dining hall food.  I have asked friends to send me the foods that they are eating on campus, since my dining hall budget is limited.  I have begun collecting the images on a Google Drive folder and am outlining my story using a Google Doc.

I am also continuing my quest for quality sources.  So far the following have been gathered:





I created an Instagram account for @Very_Hungry_Catepillar and started following @VTAdmissions (VT Undergraduate Admissions), @VTPamplin (VT Pamplin), and @VirginiaTech.

On Twitter, I started following @HokieDining (VT Dining Services), @HungryHokie (Hungry Hokie), @FollowMeToVT (VT Admissions), and @VTPamplin (VT Pamplin).