Lizzie Borden: known spinster in her small MA town, close to her father but very wary about her stepmother. Had been caught doing some peculiar things such as burning clothes and attempting to buy prussic acid.

George Zimmerman: insurance-fraud investigator and an active participant in his neighborhood’s criminal watch. Was working towards a degree in criminal justice but no other law-enforcement background.

Borden Timeline:


Pre-Murder: Was remembered buying prussic acid in a drug store after her stepmother was seen by the doctor from feeling “deathly ill”

8/4: father and stepmother ‘found’ by Lizzie and a housekeeper around noon. The time of death was determined to be between 1040 and 1130pm.

8/5: Lizzie got an attorney though she was not yet charged

8/9: Lizzie was charged with the murders after rumors spread that she burned the dress that she was wearing on the fourth.

8/22-8/28: Preliminary Hearing


6/5: Trial begins

6/19: Trial ends

6/20: Lizzie Borden found not guilty


Charged with theft of art. Lost all credibility of innocence from the murders

Zimmerman Timeline


Pre-Murder: over 50 calls to the police department, known as the man who cried wolf

2/26: called the police, dispatcher heard a gunshot at 7:16m, Zimmerman was rushed to the hospital and treated for minor cuts and wounds

3/12: More media got involved, pushing police to further look into Zimmerman’s account of self defense

4/11: Zimmerman finally arrested after an uprise from the black community

4/20: FBI begins to look into it-full national medic covereage

6/24: Trial begins

7/12: Trial ends

7/13: found not guilty


death threats, questioning, other illegal firearm purchases

Why were they acquitted? Race, gender?