Blog Post for November 5, 2014

Last class I presented 2 ideas to the class base on childhood stories that incorporate Hokie Spirit into the tales.  I decided to work with A Very Hungry Caterpillar.  I want to use Instagram (possibly Presi) to incorporate the story into a freshman’s encounter with Virginia Tech’s premier dining facilities.  The risks that I am taking is with taking quality pictures, adding creative text, locations, planning the timeline of the story, drafting a solid conclusions, and possibly using Presi.

To organize my project, I have drafted a timeline to keep myself on track.

11/3:  Present topics to class; decide on topic

11/4:  Create Instagram Account and begin collecting images

11/5:  Outline timeline of project

11/7:  Research and gather information.

11/10:  Outline Story

11/12: Review Outline

11/14:  Work on gathering images and ensuring #tags and locations are optimal.

11/17: Presentation Sign Up; Decide if photo editing will be needed.

11/19: Rough draft of working on project

11/21: No Class, selfie of working on project

12/1: Have presentation complete and begin rehearsing.

12/3–12/10: In-class Presentations

12/10 at 11:55PM: Project Due