Progress on Project 3

What I Did

I honestly haven’t done much more with my project this week. I’ve mostly been thinking of ways that I could present my information. I decided a while ago that I wanted to do my project in InDesign, and I’m thinking about doing an infographic or a magazine, but I’m not entirely set on either yet.

Why I Did It

I want to use InDesign for my project because it’s been two years since I took Designing Documents for Print, so my skills are rusty, and they were moderate at best. I want to have as much skill as possible with InDesign, because my current top choice for a job this May requires lots of InDesign skill. I like the idea of an infographic because it’s simple, they’re fun to read, and I would have lots of creative freedom. I like the idea of a magazine because the aforementioned job involves designing stuff for catalogs, and I think this would be a great way to get that kind of experience and the final product would be an excellent addition to my portfolio. I’d go with a magazine instead of a catalog because it’s obviously a more story-friendly format.