The Beginning of the End

After reviewing the previous year’s final projects, I was conflicted as to what type of story I should remix.  I don’t really have any attachments to fairy tails, and I may fail this class if I followed my moral compass and worked with conservative political topics.  Recently I watched the new lifetime movie “Lizzie Borden” and I was a little obsessed . It followed the rhyme, “Lizzie Borden had an axe”.  The movie was based on the aforementioned events, and gave a great look into the time period.  Along with that movie, I will use, and  Since the story is so well known but her innocence is still technically under discussion, I think these sources will adequately help me navigate how I will present my product.  I am still thinking of what multimedia sources I will use to introduce Lizze in a new light.

Also, just as a reference for me- I think this interface might work for my project!