Project 3: Finding Nemo

For project 3 we are tasked with remixing a story of our choice. When I had originally thought of this, I had no idea what to do or how I was going to do it. The first idea that had popped in my mind was to retell a Disney story. Everyone knows Disney, everyone loves a good Disney movie.

For my project I am going to remix and retell the Disney Movie Finding Nemo. Finding Nemo was an instant classic that everyone absolutely loved. I am going to take the adventure of Marlin and Dory and their quest to find Nemo and remix it all up and tell it in a different order. Then once I do that I am going to create an alternate ending. I am not going to say what the ending is exactly just yet because that would ruin the surprise, but it will be different.

The reason I am remixing everything that happens in the middle of the movie with Marlin and Dory is because that is where everything happens in the movie. The Movie is about Dory’s and Marlin’s relationship and how they are going to find Nemo.

Here are different links that I researched to come up with my idea on remixing Finding Nemo:

Finding Nemo Game