Interface Presentation: Pixton

On Friday we heard some more presentations. Each person went through and talked about their interface and what it was and how it was different from other interfaces. All of the presentations were good and I learned a lot about new interfaces that I had previously not known about. All of the interfaces had their positives and negatives and some used more than others.

For me, my favorite and most useful (if I ever needed it) would have been Pixton. Pixton is an interface that is used to create comics. I personally do not make a whole lot of comics but if I ever needed to for school, business, or just for personal use, then Pixton would be my choice. We had seen a comic creator site before but it was nowhere close to Pixton and the amount of customization you could do. Pixton offered many different settings and characters that could really get someone interested in comics. It looked like a great interface to use with all of the different options available. I don’t create comics often, but if I were too then Pixton would be my choice.