Blog Post for October 20, 2014

To:         Ms. Traci Gardner

From:         Sarah Fyffe

Subject:    Project 2 Reflection Memo

Date:         October 21, 2014



For this project, I choose to interrogate the interface, Visme.  I choose Visme because I was interested in how the platform managed to present data in an informative and interesting way.   Through out this project, I gained an appreciation for the company’s goal of solving the world’s information overload issue by engaging users and viewers with interesting and approachable presentations of it’s users content.

I aimed for an A and looked for ways to incorporate the concepts learned in class into my portfolio.  I was also striving for an A with my presentation, though I do not feel that I lived up to the high expectations I had set.  My goal for my essay and presentation was to interrogate the interface as a form of communication by analyzing the various rhetorical, design, and modes of communication featured.  Since the website included a wide variety of how to videos, I did not feel the need to communicate with my reader how to use the interface.

The web essay for this project is incorporated into the WordPress site I created for Project 1.  In order to optimally incorporate the project, I had to make some changes to my WordPress site.  I decided to use color images to emphasize the visual mode and convey the colorfulness of the Visme platform.  I added a submenu to the right hand column of the site to ensure that users could navigate the portfolio.  I included internal links to the various pages, external links to the examples mentioned, attempted to embed my presentation, and incorporated a GIF and images.


My project and web essay were constrained by some of the goals I strove for.  In my presentation, I used the Visme interface and incorporated the gestural animations the platform encouraged.  Generally, I find these features distracting, but I incorporated them to give a better impression of the Visme platform.  Using the Visme presentation prevented my full presentation from appearing on the overhead projector.  Additionally, following the 1/1/5 strategy, limited my ability to compare images on the screen and use the text on the screen to promote the concepts I was attempting to convey.

On my website, I was disappointed that WordPress platform limits the ability of iFrame coding.  The Visme website prides itself off of its sharability and even allows users to copy and paste the coding into their websites.  I used tables to format the information in my WordPress site because I wanted to prevent the pages from being too long.  I appreciate that the tables allowed me to present more information without forcing the user to scroll a lot.  The use of tables prevented me from incorporating large images into the text.


In conclusion, I found this project to be very informative.  I liked learning about the Visme site and found the critique of the platform as a literary device very informative.  I especially appreciated the interrogation, because it encouraged me to think about the presentation of my WordPress site specifically the layout of Project 2.