Interface Presentation: Pixlr

Today there were another set of presentations. I unfortunately was not in class today, but I did go on each person’s presentation and read/watch what their interface was about. I was able to take a little bit longer time to analyze each one and compare them and see which I liked better. So after going through each presentation I was most interested in Pixlr.

Like I stated above, I think the one that I was most interested in was Pixlr. Pictures are another thing that I like to do along with music, being able to capture a photo and share it with others is amazing. This interface allows you to take those photos that you have and add filtered or changing them to your liking. It reminds me a little of Instagram in how you can use it on your phone and laptop, but it is a little easier to use and gain access too. As well, the photos you use are more professional and don’t have to be so casual of just anything you take. Overall I think Pixlr is a great site and I will take time to learn more about it and hopefully use it for myself.