From the presentation in class today, I decided that I think PicMonkey is something I would be interested in learning more about. The presentation outlined some major benefits of bringing your own photos into PicMonkey. I love working with photos (Instagram is my favorite social media app) and I think that being able to do so on my computer aside from Instagram would be fun and useful.

Some features PicMonkey has to offer include: a touch-up tool for skin/mouth/eyes, over 60 fonts to insert text, frames, textures, overly stickers for funny additions, and filters that are similar to what you might use in Instagram. In the presentation, he also described that PicMonkey allows users to upload fonts from their computer to add more variety.

I am excited to go online to PicMonkey and being playing with the tools and features to enhance my photos. The tutorials will hopefully help me do so. Even though I am interested in using this site, I do not think that I would be willing to pay a membership fee. There are so many free photo editing apps, so I don’t see the need to pay for this one. I would love to use the free access however.