Blog Post for October 13

In class today, we started presenting the interfaces that we have been working on.

I presented in the middle of class.  My presentation did not go as well as I was hoping.  The Visme presentation did not fit on the projection screen.  I did not say all the notes that I had on my notecards and focused more on the design and modes used on the site as a rhetorical design.

Though my site had many constraints I liked Visme better than the other sites presented.  I appreciated the 750Words and Sound Cloud because they seemed to have the fewest limitations and restrictions.  However, I do not fall in the intended audience for either site.  I was not a fan of Masher or WeVideo, after learning more about them.  My personal experience with PicMonkey and its predecessor Picnic have frustrated me.  Creativist and Comic Master seemed utterly pointless to me.  The sites are effectively time drains that fail to operate for an audience.  I did not see the applicability in sharing the designs made on any of the sites.

After writing this review, I wish that I had focused more on the positive of the site I interrogated.  Visme’s key attributes are it’s intuitive usability, multitude of customizable options, and share-ability through generating a URL, embed code, PDF, or print.